Fluid Applications

Cryogenic pumps and expanders are designed to operate in liquefied gases with a temperature ranging from ambient (warm) to cryogenic. The submerged motor is designed to operate in a non-conductive liquefied gas.  

Used in a wide variety of land-based and marine installations, the motor or generator is completely submerged.  This design eliminates rotating seals and also means the machine is well insulated by the liquid to provide very quiet operation.  Immediate start-up is enabled due to the fact the pump is always cooled down and ready.

Some of the liquids handled by our products:

  • LNG or methane (-162°C, -258°F)
  • Propane (-42°C, -44°F)
  • Butane (+0.6°C, +33°F)
  • Ethylene (-104°C, -155°F)
  • Nitrogen (-196°C, -320°F)
  • Propylene (-48°C, -54°F)
  • Ethane (-89°C, -128°F)
  • Ammonia (-33°C, -28°F)

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